Welcome to Mercado Bom Sucesso

How to get here?

If you’re traveling by subway you can take the Blue Line (A), the Red line (B), the Green line (C), the Purple line (E) the Yellow line (D) or the Orange line (F) (change at Estação da Trindade and take the Blue line (A), direction Estádio do Dragão or the Red line (B), direction Srª da Hora). Stop at Casa da Música station and the Bom Sucesso Market is at a 5 minutes’ walking distance. If you’re traveling by bus you may take bus nr. 204, 209, 902, 903 or ZM

Fresh Market

You can buy fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, flowers, and many other products at very accessible prices, in a place where freshness and quality always come first. Visit the Fresh Market and take advantage of the regular promotions and workshops.

Diversified Gastronomic Offer

44 stalls colored with a wide variety of gastronomic delights from various Portuguese regions and from other parts of the world. Here you will find products that range from cheese and savory treats or original pastry and handmade chocolate to fresh juices, fine Portuguese wine or gin. Discover new flavors and experience new sensations!

Multiple Choices

What makes food experience unique at the Bom Sucesso Market is the fact that you can “compose” your own dish as you go, buying different products from the existing food stalls.

Cultural Activities

Engage and take part in our weekly cultural activities. Enjoy small live concerts, DJ’s, theater and dance performances, exhibitions and workshops aimed at children and adults.


Each month the market has different workshops and showcookings. Since vegetarian cuisine, traditional cuisine, desserts stories characters that we “put in the plate”, the Mercado Bom Sucesso has everything to provide a moment of fun and knowledge to its customers.


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outubro, 2015

9out - 11out 918:00out 11DJ no Mercado18:00 - 0:00 (11)
10out17:00- 19:00Pratos com História com Saphir Cristalcrianças 17:00 - 19:00
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